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Train Patent Print Set of 4

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This set of four art prints is a must-have for any locomotive enthusiast or history buff. Featuring the digitally restored patent drawings of H.K. Adams, J.H. Sligh, J. Player, and E. Coleman, these prints offer a glimpse into the evolution of train technology. The monochrome palette complements a variety of decor styles, especially those with a vintage or industrial aesthetic. Display them in your study, library, or living room to add a touch of historical intrigue. They also make a thoughtful gift for train enthusiasts or those who appreciate the romance of steam-powered travel.

Production Time

All our prints are made to order in the United States (Pittsburgh, PA). The current average production time is 1-3 business days for all unframed prints and 5 business days for framed prints. Please note that these are estimates based on the current order volume. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have special requests regarding processing and delivery time.

Shipping & Delivery

Smaller, unframed prints (below 16x20 inches) are shipped with USPS or UPS. Average transit time in this case is 3-5 business days.

Larger prints and framed prints are shipped with UPS or FedEx. Average delivery time: 1-5 business days


Smaller prints are shipped flat and are protected by corrugated sheets, clear plastic sleeves and kraft paper. Larger prints are shipped rolled in a protective tube.

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The history of your passion

Original patent drawings printed on museum-quality fine art paper.
Give a gift with meaning

Wow your loved ones with a unique gift, which speaks to them in the most intimate way. No matter where they are in their journey towards mastering their craft, profession or hobby, they will proudly look at their wall and feel motivated to continue chasing greatness.

It all starts with an idea

Our patent art collection features antique invention drawings that we digitally restore and reproduce as museum quality fine art paper prints. To complete the perfect gift, we add our handmade beveled frames (optional), giving them a timelessly classy look.

4000+ happy recipients

I started my little shop back in 2017 on Etsy. Since then, I've printed, framed and shipped these gift sets to thousands of wonderful people. I hope the next package will have your name on it.

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