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Bari & Vani

Who are we?

Hello there! We're Vanessza and Bari, and together we operate this small print shop. We curate, digitally restore and print fine art reproductions of antique works of art. We started our journey on Etsy in 2017, and only recently made the jump to carve out our own little corner of the internet here.

We always admired the knowledge and art of the past. At the same time, we felt like a large portion of it, some of humankind's greatest achievements, have been completely forgotten or ignored. Paintings collect dust in the attic, blueprints of once revolutionary inventions are tucked away in some drawer and what's even more sad, the name of their creator is stranger to all ears.

We want to do whatever it takes to at least try to change that. People who not only consume, but create should be cherished and their heritage must be protected. It's just a lucky coincidence that sometimes their work is also aesthetically pleasing.

On that note we would like to invite you to open this vault of antique treasures. Feel free to look around, fill your basket with some of these ephemeral beauties and decorate your home, not only making it a more cozy place, but also a testament to timeless values.

What do we do?

There is no doubt that most of the work is done by the artists themselves. Our job is to find their work, restore it (if it needs any corrections), and to print it on premium quality art paper, using archival inks. While this might sound simple, in reality, a lot goes into it. It looks something like this:

Collect & Curate

We dive deep into the public domain archives of museums and our own scans of antique art, and look for artwork that not only is beautiful on its own, but also fits with the overall style of our collection.

Restore & ENhance

We look for discolorations, missing corners or low quality scans, and fix these issues digitally. At the same time, we leave the blemishes that add some personality to the artwork. After all, their scars are part of their story.

Print & Frame

We print the retouched file on heavy (300gsm), museum quality fine art paper, using premium archival inks. To complete the look, we frame them with our handcrafted, beveled wooden frames.

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