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Arachnea, Queen of Spiders mockup - A_gw49-V1-PC_F+WA-SS_10-PS_gw10-C_def
Printable Explainer - Paintings
Seven Spiders II 1 Unframed mockup
Arachne 1 Unframed mockup
Studies for ‘Gassed’ III (1918-1919) 1 Unframed mockup
Autumn Landscape and Pool (1870s-1880s) 1 Unframed mockup
Pinktoe Tarantula 1 Unframed mockup
Evening Sun 1 Unframed mockup
Spider, Sweet Cherry Flower and English Oak Leaf 1 Unframed mockup
Studies of Eyes 1 Unframed mockup
Cauldron 1 Unframed mockup
Arkville Landscape (1880s) 1 Unframed mockup

Arachnea, Queen of Spiders - Printable Set of 10

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A printable set of 10 digitally restored antique artworks, depicting a hauntingly beautiful array of subjects that bridge the natural and the mystical. From the intricate arachnid studies by Joris Hoefnagel to Otto Henry Bacher's ethereal "Arachne," this collection invites a dark academia aesthetic into your space. John Singer Sargent's poignant "Studies for ‘Gassed’ III" and Alexander H. Wyant's moody landscapes offer a contemplative contrast to the gothic elements. Perfect for a study or library, these prints will resonate with those who appreciate autumnal hues, the allure of the arcane, and the subtle interplay of light and shadow.


We believe that everyone should have access to vintage art, which is why all our prints are sold both as high quality fine art prints and as budget friendly printable files to be printed at home or at a local print shop.


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