Lone Wolf in Starlight mockup - A_w28-V1-PC_AP-SS_1-PS_5x7-C_def
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Lone Wolf in Starlight mockup - A_w28-V1-PC_F+WA-SS_1-PS_5x7-C_def
Lone Wolf in Starlight mockup - A_w28-V1-PC_AP-SS_1-PS_5x7-C_def
Lone Wolf in Starlight mockup - A_w28-V1-PC_F+O-SS_1-PS_5x7-C_def
Lone Wolf in Starlight mockup - A_w28-V1-PC_F+B-SS_1-PS_5x7-C_def

Lone Wolf in Starlight - Printable Files

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A digital reproduction of the vintage artwork "Lone Wolf in Starlight" by Elling William Gollings is a printable art file that beautifully captures the serene yet poignant solitude of a lone wolf traversing a snowy landscape under a starlit sky. The cool palette of blues and whites suggests a calm, winter atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for a tranquil space within a modern home, such as a study or a living room with minimalist or rustic decor. This printable file is particularly compelling for nature enthusiasts and admirers of wildlife art, as it beautifully portrays the wild spirit of the wolf in a moment of quiet reflection.


We believe that everyone should have access to vintage art, which is why all our prints are sold both as high quality fine art prints and as budget friendly printable files to be printed at home or at a local print shop.


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